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13 Feb 2014


Find here the list of (paying) car parks in the city center of Liège...
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Board of Trade

City of Liège

Department of Economic &
Trade Development
rue Sur-Les-Foulons 11/4
4000 Liège
T +32 (0) 4 221 91 70/67
F +32 (0) 4 221 91 73

Why invest in Liège ♥

♥ An exceptional geographical setting


At the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euro-region (a cross border exchange region between the cities of Maastricht, Aachen, Heerlen, Hasselt and Liège), 20 km from the Netherlands and 40 km from Germany.

Liège is also considered as the eastern gateway to Brussels and is only 100 km from the capital.

♥ A strong catchment area and trade with a wide influence


♥ Easily accessible

- A dense motorway network linking the main cities in Europe
- Public transport adapted to the citizens’ needs
- An international high-speed train station with a futuristic design
- A river with a port authority and pleasure boating harbour
- A growing international airport
- Soft mobility with, in particular, a network reserved for cyclists: the RAVEL
- Many parking spaces

♥ A rich and diversified commercial fabric

Almost 5,000 shops in activity totalling 500,000 m² of net commercial floor-space, including 50% of super and hyper-markets, with unique brands in Wallonia.
A city centre with 3 integrated shopping centres: EspaceSainMichel, Galeries Saint-Lambert and Médiacité.
Outskirts with 2 major shopping areas: Belle-Île and Shopping Cora Rocourt.

♥ Attractive commercial indicators

- Vinâve d'Île: Third shopping street of Belgium with more than 150,000 passers by per day
- First commercial pedestrian network of Wallonia (3 km)
- Average commercial rents: 279€/m²/year
- 927,000 inhabitants in the shopping zone
- 12.1 billion captive incomes less than 30 minutes drive away
- Empty rate of trade : 7.8% (september 2013)

♥ The biggest shopping city centre in Wallonia

With 1,156 shops including 233 national or international brands and also the biggest pedestrianized area in Wallonia: 3 km of pedestrianized or semi-pedestrianized streets

♥ A City on the move (investments, projects)

             Liège-Guillemins new high-speed train station                        The Royal Opera House of Wallonia
                      (designed by Santiago Calatrava)                                                  (entierly renovated)

♥ A lively City, rich in culture and events were something is always happening


- 13 theatres and concert venues
- 5 cinema complexes
- 23 museums
- A multitude of events throughout the year, attracting thousands and even millions of people to Liège, such as “Liège, Christmas City”, the October Fun Fair, the Citadel’s Slopes, the 15th August festival, the Wallonia Festival, the Grand Trade Show,...

♥ The economic capital of Wallonia

More than 5,000 companies, “Liège Science Park”, many professional trade fairs, but also plenty of students, with 20,000 at university, 12,000 students in higher education institutions and 25,000 in secondary school.


♥ The Board of Trade: a dynamic team on the pulse of investors’ needs

This team provides, amongst other things, help and assistance to potential investors for administrative formalities and choosing the location where they would like to set up business.